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Afternoon ice creams. #treats

That one is big!! Koi!! (at San Mateo Central Park Music Series)

Pretty mermaids on a Sunday morning. #sirens

Playing dress-up with sister.

Early morning drama woke her up.

Not even 5 minutes into reading I hear “good morning mama”

G likes the ube. #mykid

B trying a taste of ube too

#firsts : chicken adobo, halo halo, and eating at a Goldilocks.

Bella got a new outfit today.

Two years ago #pastaface

Bella has a bakery now. It’s called Bella Fantastic. Instagram account to follow!! Once we get it up be sure to follow it!!

Sleepy little.

Princess G is ready for the day

This little woke after 11 hrs of sleep. #wishitwasallthetime